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Online Safety Resources

Four children interacting with computers and robotics.
Central York School District is excited to announce that we have partnered with Linewize by Family Zone, a leading education technology company, to provide District families and students with the highest quality of online safety and digital wellness education.
As members of the Central York Community, you have access to an Online Safety Hub, as well as free parent/guardian access to the Qustodio App, a parental control app that allows families insight and control of their child’s device usage.

Qustodio App

The Qustodio App allows parents access to monitor and supervise their child’s time online. By signing up, parents can monitor their child’s activity on their school-issued device, as well as up to two additional personal devices at no cost. The app enables parents to:
  • Receive reports and alerts on your child’s school-time activity
  • Enable and disable internet access
  • Receive guidance and tips on digital guides and threats

Access to features on your child’s school-issued device will be effective during non-school hours. Usage on two free personal devices is 24/7. Parents must use the email associated with their Skyward account.

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Online Safety Hub

The Online Safety Hub includes helpful parent advice guides, app and game reviews, online safety quizzes, resources, and access to information about the Qustodio App.