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Roundtown Celebrates January Energy Bus Drivers

Congratulations to the following Roundtown Students who were named as our January Energy Bus Drivers displaying the following qualities every day: 1. Energy 2. Self-Control 3. Excitement for School 4. P.R.O.U.D

Our January Energy Bus Drivers: 

Everly Thompson, Ellis Nestlerode, William Gibb, McKenzie O’Neill, Camden Erickson, Noelle Nugent, Carley Reinecker, Kahlani Gardner, Kenna Siegel, Jaxson Musser, Amaia Ruiz-Marrero, Ethan Penrose, Abdulrahman Khubrani, Hudson Yonkovitch, Lilly Graybill-Levine, Kennedy McCullough,Malachi Mitzel, Belle Morgan, Avery Jackson, Olivia Hoyle, Elaina Gibb, Vasia Georgakopoulos, Carter Ambrose, Lawson Longenberger, William Birmingham, Gabriel Myers, Samuel O’Brien, Mia Medina, and Tyler Shaffer

Congratulations to our third round of Energy Bus Drivers!

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