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Energy Bus Drivers!

Roundtown friends were recently honored as our March Energy Bus Drivers!  The school celebrated these friends at our Community Meeting.  Congratulations to the following friends we see showing that positive spirit and energy!

Birdie Smith, Ryan Seifi, Charlie Stamm, James Halbert, Julian Hill, Jazlynn Jones, Chase Barbor, Connor Stone, Carson Kelly, Harper Throckmorton, Carson Spillman, Natalie Alcantara-Lomax, Caleb Fryer, Emma Herre, Carter Russell, Evelyn Nugent, Vivian Sewell, Johnathan Isaac, Aubrey Henze, Blake Inch, Alessandra Silimperi, Jacob Harper, Kylie Kessler, Landon Starner, Addison Throckmorton, Brady Burkey, Easton Duke, Wyatt Wenrick, and Kaylee Musser

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