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Dr. Miller's Africa Trip-Day 12

Dr. Miller's Liberia, Africa Blog

Day 12, June 13, 2024

Leading MCSS Principals at Professional Development Workshop

Today was a huge day for me professionally.  For many years I have delivered professional development trainings as a solo educator or often, in connection with other colleagues.  When I was asked by Superintendent Momoh if I would work with his principals through a workshop training I was humbled and honored and also a bit intimidated.  Not knowing how such trainings and workshops play out in Liberia, I set out to construct something that would hopefully be meaningful and engaging.  I brought along with me several professional resources not knowing what might be engaging.  The one I chose to work through with the MCSS principals is titled Find Your WHY by Simon Sinek with David Mead and Peter Docker.  This is a resource we have used and studied at Central and my plan was to take the principals of MCSS through the WHY process.  From the beginning, I was so pleased and proud with how the team accepted me and opened their heart to me.  They shared, were passionate and super engaged throughout the 3-hour training.  We worked through the WHY process as outlined in the book and you could see the participants feeling proud of the work they are doing to inspire the students and families of the MCSS schools.  As a presenter, I did my humble best to listen, work through the technology (thank you Eric and Spencer!) which included videos and audio.  In America, one never knows if all things planned will fall into place.  This morning I had many butterflies in my belly as I imagined what could go wrong with my presentation.  The results were beautiful as we heard from many today that this was a powerful and a moving experience.  I could not be more pleased and proud-not for me, but for the leadership of MCSS Schools.  They will now take this process back to their teams and schools and work through.  I was deeply moved at the end of the training when I was presented by the president of the teacher's association with another traditional beautiful African shirt and hat to wear.  When I told them it was my Steelers colors, the crowd laughed.  I was also presented with an honorary framed certificate.  I am deeply moved by the organization's graciousness.  Mrs. Toe and I were both gowned and robed and were met with great applause.  At the conclusion of the trainings, we traveled back to MCSS Central Office headquarters to debrief with the Superintendent.  He said he was already hearing of the powerful effects of the training.  I presented him with several of my most treasured professional resources.  District office staff then met with Mrs. Toe to discuss future potential in helping to transfer more materials and resources in a more streamlined fashion.  We made the ride home and I came up to the room.  I am mentally drained and physically exhausted from today but I know when I lay my head down tonight, I will feel proud and my heart is so full.  My hope was to travel to Africa to represent our community and of course our amazing school district.  Today, I felt so proud to be a Panther!  Wishing you all a great evening and thinking of you fondly this evening.

~Dr. Miller, Day 12 June 13, 2024

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