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Dr. Miller's Africa Trip-Day 11

Dr. Miller's Liberia, Africa Blog

Day 11, June 12, 2024

Morning Rain, Liberian Newspapers, Delivering to D. Twe Memorial High School, New Krewtown Elementary School, Centennial Pavilion-Monument/Museum

The rains fell heavy this morning as we drove into town.  Because of the drainage, the water puddles and ponds in the road can make travel difficult and hazardous.  Fortunately, this is only the start of rainy season in Liberia!  As we drove on toward town, I asked Amos to stop so I could purchase a Liberian newspaper.  For one American dollar, I actually received five papers!  I laid a few of them out so you could catch the headlines.  There are other sections like our newspapers including sports and entertainment.  After stopping at MCSS Central Office Headquarters, we gathered up the boxes and items for our final in-person stops.  Our first stop was to D. Twe Memorial High School.  We were excited to visit this school because one of our team members, Mr. Joe, is a Vice-Principal there.  The road to D. Twe proved to be quite challenging as we drove up and over rocks that were close to the seashore.  As we rolled into the compound, I saw a lovely view of the ocean from the courtyard.  The principal, Joe, and other school officials were there to greet us along with several students.  I recognized one of the students from our Student Council induction ceremony the other day and he came over to greet me.  Mrs. Toe and I presented him with one of our green Liberia Project shirts.  We delivered the boxes of materials and then took a tour of the school.  I was also excited to see my friend Eric's office as he is the executive secretary to the principal at D. Twe.  We had fun sitting around their desks!  This high school had several labs including a chemistry and physics lab.  I was impressed by the organization of materials as they have lists posted on the cupboard doors.  The school is still in need of a great many items however to complete their labs.  I saw one of the students had his high school identification badge on and I asked him if we could take a picture.  These badges are like those that our Central High Students have.  Next, we moved on to New Krewtown Elementary.  There were so many students there to greet us in their main gathering space.  It reminded me a little of when we have Community Meetings at Roundtown.  The students were lively and so happy to receive their items.  Mrs. Toe and I gave speeches to encourage and excite the students.  These children are genuinely thankful for everything we bring.  Finally, we made our way to a very historical site in Liberia called Centennial Pavilion-Monument/Museum.  This is a site for state funerals, presidential visits, and other important official events.  The hall itself is beautiful and houses pictures of every Liberian President.  I posted the portraits of the first and the current President.  I learned much history from our tour guide.  I even got to pose in front of the podium and in one of the official state chairs with my "diplomat" Eric!  The tour concluded outside as we took a look at some of the former presidents' cars and vehicles.  Amos and I posed in front of one.  We then went into the cultural museum that is adjacent to the centennial hall.  This museum was filled with cultural artifacts, pictures, models, and other aspects of the Liberian indigenous culture.  The museum told the story of the indigenous people, the animals of Liberia, and about various gods that were celebrated.  This portion of the trip was awesome because it gave me a better perspective of the Liberian people and their history and I was thankful to have seen a portion of it during our stop.  I am getting some much-needed rest tonight as tomorrow is my workshop that I am presenting to the administrators of MCSS.  I am greatly looking forward to hopefully making a positive impact on the leadership team.  Wishing you all a good night in America!!

~Dr. Miller, Day 11 June 12, 2024

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