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Dr. Miller's Africa Trip-Day 1

Greetings from Liberia, Africa, CYSD!  My nearly 24-hour journey began a few hours after the high school graduation.  I picked up Mrs. Palleh Toe, district parent and community member who is originally from Liberia.  After driving to New York, we took an 8-hour plane ride across the Atlantic Ocean and landed in Casablanca, Morocco.  From there, we boarded another plane and flew four and half more hours to Liberia on the coast of Africa.  Our time is four hours ahead of your time on the east coast.  After arriving in Liberia, we checked in through customs and got our passports and Visas stamped.  Members of the MCSS Public School System were there to meet us and drive us to our hotel.  Some of the roads are paved and some are dirt roads which makes travel difficult in certain areas.  When we made it to the hotel, after nearly 24 hours of traveling, it was time to sleep.  My room is nice and I have a big bed and even a kitchen!  I awoke to roosters crowing outside my window and watched some boys playing with an old spare tire in the back yard of the hotel.  Can you believe my first meal in Africa was chicken wings and fries!?  After waking up, members of the MCSS school team, Harriet and Eric, took us sightseeing.  We shopped for some groceries for the hotel too.  Mrs. Toe told me her favorite treat is the coconut water cut fresh from the coconut so we stopped and had fresh coconut water out of the coconut.  Tasty!  Today's highlights included, Invincible Sports Park, PHP Unification Park, and Providence Island.  The two parks were joint efforts by the Liberian Government to help children and young adults have nice, safe, and clean facilities to play.  Providence Island is a most remarkable historical sight that I encourage you to check out online.  It is the spot where freed slaves from America first returned to Africa after the emancipation.  It includes a remarkable story of the indigenous people of Liberia and the freed slaves and how they came together.  I learned a special Liberian handshake that started there as well.  Finally, this evening, we ate at a rooftop restaurant and enjoyed favorites like chicken caesar salad, fries, chicken sandwiches, and even pizza.  Everywhere we turn and look there are people and busy cars and many wonder why I am there.  Some of the children walked over to me and touched my arm or hand and I would greet them with a smile.  The people of Liberia are nice, curious, and interesting.  Tomorrow Mrs. Toe and I begin the mission portion of our trip where I will meet the Liberian Superintendent and begin passing out books, materials, and resources that our Central York Community and school district has donated.  Wishing you all a great start to your final week of school and sending love from Liberia!  

~Dr. Miller, Day 1 June 1-2, 2024

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