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Hayshire Positive POWER: Polite 🐾

Hayshire Positive POWER: Polite 🐾

Our class was talking about Positive P.O.W.E.R at Hayshire. The first P in power stands for polite. Being polite means helping others and using nice, kind words.

We can show Positive P.O.W.E.R. when we are polite. Being polite looks like helping people. For example, we can help other people at lunch. If they spill their chocolate milk, we can help them clean up. 

Polite also looks like asking before you do something. For example, ask if you can use the bathroom on your time, not on teaching time. That is being polite to the teacher and respectful of the learning. 

Being honest is a way of being polite. When you are honest, you are not lying. This is polite because lying makes other people sad. Telling the truth is like making flowers grow. 

If one person is not polite, it effects everybody in the classroom. If one person is not polite, it might make another person be impolite, and that effects more and more people. If one person is polite, it effects everyone for good! 

We learned it is important to be polite to everyone. 

Thank you for reading our polite post. 

By: Abigail, Halo, X’Zavier

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