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Hayshire Happenings: We Are Thankful

We Are Thankful

Our cafeteria workers made a delicious holiday meal. They served turkey with all the fixings including homemade stuffing and ice cream! Children in Little MAC ate the holiday meal together. One child in Mrs. Rankin's room asked each classmate what they were thankful for. Children expressed gratitude for their families, their school, their meal, and other things. 🧡



Mrs. Stodart's class shared a holiday meal together. They cooked the food, set the table, and even cleaned up after themselves. The teachers were grateful to share this special occasion as a class. The class felt thankful to prepare and enjoy the meal.




Children were asked to share what they felt thankful for at school. Their thoughts were captured in the video! 

We are thankful. We are thankful for Hayshire children, parents, caregivers, and each other. Hayshire is a great place to work and learn. 

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