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Hayshire Happenings: Valuing Our Volunteers ♡

Hayshire Happenings: Valuing Our Volunteers ♡

There are many dedicated volunteers at Hayshire. Volunteers do many things to support our school. Our PTO helps by doing things like organizing special events such as May Day and 3rd Grade Event! Some volunteers help in the classroom. Other volunteers help supervise field trips.

Some volunteers are family and friends. Some volunteers are retired teachers. All volunteers have kind hearts and enjoy being around children. 

Hayshire staff hosted a volunteer breakfast to celebrate our volunteers! Teachers shared what they appreciate about the volunteers at Hayshire. 


She was so kind to give up her time. We really value her. 


Miss Alice is lovely. The kids love hanging out with her. She has a calming presence. She is a classroom celebrity.



Sandy’s dependable, caring, and has been a great partner.


Her help was invaluable for getting the bags ready for Summer’s In The Bag.


They were very helpful, amazing, and hands on. They get the energy from the kids! 


Melody Stine is a caring and thoughtful volunteer who has not only been compassionate with the children, but added to the community in our classroom.

Thank you, Volunteers! Hayshire appreciates you!



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