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Hayshire Happenings: Stodart's Sidekicks

Hayshire Happenings: Stodart's Sidekicks

Sometimes first grade visits Mrs. Stodart’s classroom. The last time we came, we decorated Grinch cookies with a heart in the middle. We made Grinch hats too using markers, scissors, and glue. We even played a Grinch game.

This visit, we made Earth Day crafts and made a lava lamp. We made a lava lamp using food coloring, oil, water, and medicine tabs. Henry’s favorite part of the visit was the science experience. Emma’s favorite part was the brain break.

We like to come to Mrs. Stodart’s classroom. We like doing crafts and coloring. It is so fun! We get to meet new people and learn new stuff. 

We want to come back! 

By: Emma, Gwen, Harper, BrayLon, Jayden

  • Mrs. Stodart is one of the Autistic Support teachers at Hayshire. Stodart's Sidekicks provides children an opportunity to engage in positive, social activities. 


  • Hayshire Elementary
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