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Hayshire Happenings: CYHS Mentors

Hayshire Happenings: CYHS Mentors

We care about others at Hayshire. This is one of our school rules. It is a very important school rule. Hayshire has three high school volunteers who show they care about others. They care about the children in our school. 

David, Cameron, and Bayse volunteer at Hayshire every cycle day 6. They got special permission from Dr. Czarnecki and their parents to volunteer at our school. They volunteer their time and work with the same cohort of children each day 6. They are mentors! They build relationships, read, and even program robots! 

Some of the children they mentor shared their thoughts. Read to see what the boys think about their high school mentor! 

Cameron makes me feel good. He makes me feel like I (Princeton) can trust him. He’s very nice and he’s been caring for me since first grade. He makes me feel happy. Every time he picks me up he says, “How is your day?” It makes me feel a little bit better because I get to see him. He is protective. I know I can tell him anything and he will say something to make me feel better.

Cameron is kind. He helps me (Justus) and Princeton. When we are reading a book and get stuck, he helps me. He taps the word out. He tries to make us do the best we can in school. 

We used a robot. It’s name was Power. We had to program a puzzle. We took turns. If we made a mistake, he helped us. It wasn’t his idea to take turns, we just decided to take turns. We made the robot spin around and make different colors with his lights. 

We’re kind of sad that we won’t see him this week because of Easter Break. 

By: Princeton, Justus 

I like spending time with David because he plays football and I play football. He is nice and he is funny too. He asks us questions. He asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said play football, like be in the NFL. The last time we were with him we did robots. We programmed the practice puzzles to learn how to control the robot and make it go forward, backward, go left, right, make it stop, and make it have green lights. We also made it blink. I want to do robots again and play catch with the football when David comes back to school.  

By: Zion

I liked the robots. I liked to write a program for the robots. I really like to control the robot and complete the tasks. I like hanging out with Bayse. He teaches me stuff like programs for robots and he likes to read with me. He likes to draw with me and I like to draw. I like to say hi when he comes. I get excited because I like learn more stuff with him. He is a good role model. 

By: Shane

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