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Hayshire Happenings: Celebrating Authors ✍🏽

Hayshire Happenings: Celebrating Authors ✍🏽

We do quality work at Hayshire. We do amazing things when we work hard. First graders in Mrs. Beam's class showed the quality work they did. Each child published their very own book. Their work made them feel proud! 

Each author selected a topic. Topics included elephant calves, basketball, lizards, and cats. Authors researched topics. They researched using books found on Epic! They read the books and had the books read to them. 

Authors recorded 10 facts they learned from their research. They organized the facts. This is how the authors came up with headings for the chapters in their books. 

They used the facts to write their story. This took a lot of hard work and dedication. 

They wrote their stories and worked to make improvements. They got help from each other and grown ups. They wrote the final draft of their story and turned it into a book.

The book included:

  • Book cover (title, author, illustration)
  • Table of contents
  • Headings with writing and images that matched each heading
  • Bolded vocabulary words
  • Glossary

These are the text features that the children were learning about! 

Mrs. Beam's class did quality work. They read, researched, and wrote stories. They made books. They had a celebration. All the authors read their books to an audience. They are proud to be authors! 

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