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Hayshire Happenings: 2nd Grade Swimming

Second Grade Swimming

ALL the second graders at Hayshire go swimming. Right now Mrs. B, Mrs. Knisley, Mrs. Slatt, Miss Hall and Mrs. Raynes’ classes swim. Later Mr. Shuey and Miss Hughes’ classes will go swimming.

We go swimming at the Central York High School. The pool is so huge. There is a shallow end and a deep end. In the shallow end, we spend most of the time, but sometimes we get to go into the deep end. We jump on to pool noodles in the deep end. 

Fun Fact: Never let go of your pool noodle or kick board. It will float away from you.  

Mrs. Weber and Mr. Jensenius are our swim teachers. They’re helping us learn how to swim. They are teaching us to swim on our back and on our bellies. They are even teaching us how to dive in off of a diving board and off the side of the pool.

Helpful Hint: You have to stay calm when you swim. You have to think. Follow the rule, Reach or throw, Don’t go if you are saving someone from drowning.

Swimming is fun and helpful. Swimming is a sport for you so you can get some exercise for ten days of school. It’s exciting to be in the pool! 

By: Emily, Kamron, and Shane

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