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Four bookshelves filled with non-perishable food items

This October marks the ten-year anniversary for the Panther Pantry, a food bank ran by Central York School District Staff for Central York Families! 

Five individuals were recognized at the October School Board Action Meeting for their contributions and efforts in honor of the food pantry’s ten year milestone. 


Panther Pantry Honorees

(Pictured above: Renee Decker, Regina Peckmann, Amy Musone, Katherine Chase)

The individuals included:

Regina Peckmann: a Roundtown Elementary School Teacher that helped create the Panther Pantry who is still involved to this day.

Renee Decker: a Roundtown Elementary School Teacher that stepped into to help with the Panther Pantry after the early creation of the concept. Renee Decker is still involved to this day. 

Amy Musone: the current Hayshire Elementary School Assistant Principal who was instrumental in starting and helping with the Panther Pantry. Amy was actively involved with the initiative for 8 years while at Roundtown before her transition to Hayshire. 

Katherine Chase: a retired teacher that dedicates her time to the Panther Pantry. Katherine retired from Central York in 2016 and has volunteered almost every month since her retirement. 

Michael Wager: a former Central York School Board President who was instrumental in assisting staff in the creation of the Panther Pantry. Michael is a proud advocate of the Panther Pantry who served on the board during the creation and growth of the pantry. 

The Panther Pantry is open on the third Tuesday of every month from 5-6PM at Central York Middle School. Any Central York families may take advantage of the resource.


Panther Pantry Shelves
Panther Pantry Setup


Panther Pantry Donation Items
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