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CYHS Student, Teacher, and Jostens Representative
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We are #PantherProud🐾 of Ms. Sands and her Yearbook Team!
The Panther Yearbook Program was recently recognized by Jostens for its hard work and creativity in the 2023 edition of the CYHS Yearbook: “Like Totally Central”. Their work was selected from thousands of schools around the world to be included in the most recent edition of the Jostens Look Book!
“The Jostens Look Book showcases the hard work and dedication of students who tell the story of the school year through photos and words. It is their collaboration and communication, as well as creative thinking in challenging situations, that results in the fine designs shown in this book,” said Kristen Scott, Yearbook Marketing Manager at Jostens.
The Jostens Look Book highlights the talent and skill of the yearbook team, showcases our school programs, and provides a glimpse into phenomenal designs and inspiration. We continue to be impressed every year by the work produced by our staff and students.
CYHS Yearbook Students


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