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Bus Safety

Bus safety is essential for ALL students and families to remember. Please share these helpful reminders with your child as you prepare them for their daily bus rides: 

  • Please talk with your child about their behavior while riding the bus.  Explain that they should find a seat once on the bus and sit down immediately.
  • Explain that it is important to talk quietly and not be disruptive.  Sudden yelling or movements can startle the bus driver and cause an accident.
  • While your child is waiting for the bus, stress that they should never push or shove other children.  Doing so could result in a child falling into the path of the oncoming bus.
  • Also, a child should never cross the street directly in front of the bus. They should always cross beside the bus or walk to an approved crosswalk or street light to cross safely.
  • Review the lights and symbols on the bus so that you and your child understand that a red flashing light or stop sign means that cars need to stop at least 15 feet away, both in front and behind the bus. Knowing the tips for safety can mean a safe ride for all of the children and adults involved in a bus route.

Security Cameras on District Buses

The Central York School District continually strives to ensure the safety and security of our students. For that reason, the District utilizes security cameras on all district school buses.

If your child rides a district bus (to/from school, activity buses, field trips, etc.), they may be subject to video and audio recording.  Please contact the District Transportation Office at 717-846-6789, ext. 1298 if you have any questions or concerns.