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Introductory Spanish

Course Description

This course is designed for learners who would like to experience an overview of basic vocabulary and conversational skills for travel and everyday use as well as gain an appreciation of the history, geography, and culture of Spanish speaking countries.

Course Big Ideas

Provide an opportunity for students to experience basic communication, history and culture of Spanish speaking countries on an exploratory level.

Course Essential Questions

  • How do Spanish speaking people communicate in basic conversational settings?
  • Where are Spanish speaking countries located?
  • What simple historical facts impact these countries
  • What are some of the most important geographical aspects of these countries?
  • What are some of the most important cultural aspects of these countries?
  • What are some of the comparisons and contrasts between the United States and daily lives of students in these countries?

Course Competencies

  • Recognize Spanish speaking countries.
  • Recognize geographical features of Spanish speaking countries.
  • Experience cultural events and patterns of daily life in Spanish speaking countries.
  • Use basic conversational skills in Spanish in order to communicate in different settings .

Course Assignments

  • Worksheets
  • Positive participation
  • Verbal presentations
  • Creative projects (both individual and group)
  • Other teacher created assignments

Course Units