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Intermediate French Overview

Course Description

Sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh, CHS French 1 advances students’ oral and written language skills in two ways: introducing intermediate grammar and vocabulary, and examining contrasting perspectives on current social issues facing both the United States and France (education, technology, women’s rights, and personal freedom).

Course Big Ideas

  • All societies grapple with complex issues and histories, many of which have no right or wrong answer.
  • One can respond to social issues in a variety of ways, as displayed by current events in France and the United States.
  • Engaging with abstract topics through writing, reading, speaking, and listening is a key step in advancing French language proficiency.

Course Competencies

  • Critical Thinking
  • Active Listening
  • Spontaneous Speech
  • Extended Writing
  • Error Analysis
  • Interpersonal Communication

Course Essential Questions

  • How do I state opinions, formulate hypotheses, ask questions, and draw conclusions in a foreign language
  • How can French approaches to current social issues inform, clarify, or contradict American responses to debates on education, technology, women’s rights, and personal freedom?

Course Assessment

Journals, Compositions, Tests, Quizzes, Oral Exams, Midterm, and Final