Central York School District's Leadership Team


Central Office Administration
Educational Service Center
775 Marion Road
York, PA 17406
(717) 846-6789

Dr. Michael S. Snell, Superintendent,
Mr. Robert Grove, Assistant Superintendent (Curriculum & Instruction),
Mr. Ryan Billet, Assistant to the Superintendent for Administration (Transportation & Technology),
Mr. Brent Kessler, Business Manager,
Ms. Kim Ansell, Assistant Business Manager,
Ms. Bobbi Billman, Director of Human Resources,
Dr. Michelle Ludwig, Director of Special Education,
Mr. Joseph Lucia, Information Systems Specialist,
Ms. Jennifer Martin, Special Education Supervisor,
Ms. Elizabeth Mason, Special Education Supervisor,
Mr. Matthew Shields, Director of Buildings and Grounds,
Ms. Julie Randall Romig, Director of Communications and Marketing,
Ms. Missy Sebright, Special Education Supervisor,

Central York High School
601 Mundis Mill Road
York, PA 17406
(717) 846-6789

Mr. Ryan Caufman, Principal,
Dr. David Czarnecki, Associate Principal,
Mr. Gerald Eisner, Assistant Principal,
Mr. Jeffrey Hamme, Assistant Principal,
Dr. Gregory Potteiger, Assistant Principal,

Central York Middle School
1950 North Hills Road
York PA 17406
(717) 846-6789

Mrs. Kelly Harper, Principal,
Mr. Peter Fernandez, Assistant Principal,
Mr. Cory King, Assistant Principal,

Hayshire Elementary School 
2801 Hayshire Drive
York, PA 17406
(717) 846-6789

Mrs. Barbara Snare, Principal,
Mrs. Susan Thomas, Assistant Principal,

North Hills Elementary School
1330 North Hills Road
York PA 17406
(717) 846-6789

Mr. Kevin Youcheff, Principal,
Mr. Scott Livingston, Assistant Principal,

Roundtown Elementary School
570 Church Road
York, PA 17404
(717) 846-6789

Dr. Matt Miller, Principal,
Mrs. Erica Fabie, Assistant Principal,

Sinking Springs Elementary School
2850 Susquehanna Trail
York PA 17406
(717) 846-6789

Mrs. Heather Dick, Principal,
Mr. Scott Billig, Assistant Principal,

Stony Brook Elementary School
250 Silver Spur Drive
York, PA 17402
(717) 846-6789

Mrs. Diane Grondin, Principal,
Mr. Jerrell Birch, Assistant Principal,