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SportsWare FAQ

SportsWare Due Dates:


Are the due dates a suggestion?

Answer: NO, This is a very long and arduous process.  It takes weeks to clear each one of our 400+ students athletes each and every season.  There is only one person clearing all of our HS athletes and one clearing all of our MS athletes.  Please complete all SportsWare account information, every document in FOMRS and upload the physical on or before the due date.





1. Where do I get my physical form?

ANSWER: You must first have a SportsWare account which will stay with you throughout High School, please update/evaluate information annually.  CIPPE 5 & 6 can only be located in SportsWare under FORMS then must be completed, printed and taken to Doctor.

2.  How long is a physical “good” for?

ANSWER:  A physical is good for the entire academic year, then must be repeated for the following academic year on or after June 1.

3.  If I have had a physical on or after June 1 of this academic year do I need another one?

ANSWER:  No, PIAA however does require that it is completed on the CIPPE 7 form, no other form can be accepted.

4.  Is there a specific place where I need to get my physical?

ANSWER: No, you can get a physical anywhere however, it must be completed on CIPPE 7.

5.  Can I hand in my physical or any other required paperwork?

ANSWER:  No, the physical must be uploaded into SportsWare. Login to SportsWare and go to FORMS (left) then click ADD (middle right).  Other documents must be completed in SportsWare in FORMS tab.

6.  What should I do if the doctor forgot to sign and date the bottom of the completed physical?

ANSWER:  Please take it back to their office for signature and date.  We cannot accept a physical that has not been signed or dated.

7.  What if the doctor forgot to mark CLEARED on bottom of my physical?

ANSWER:  Please take it back to their office for completion.  We cannot accept a physical that has not been marked CLEARED.


1.  Why am I not able to login to my child’s account, I only see one of my children’s name?

ANSWER:  Each of your children must have separate passwords therefore you are using the wrong password for that child.  You can change the password at anytime if you have forgotten.

2.   When I create a SportsWare account can I use the same email address for each one of my children?

ANSWER:  Absolutely, please use the same email address, just remember they all need a separate password, that is how you access the different accounts.

3.  Do I need to add both student and parent/guardian emails on Email Access, on the right, on My Info, General page?

ANSWER: Yes, we will be using electronic injury sign in at the High School beginning fall of 2021 and student emails are required.  Also we send out email reminders each season with SportsWare completion due dates.

4.   Where do I put the sport(s) that I plan on trying out for or participating in?

ANSWER:  On the My Info tab: General page, bottom right:

Fall Sport - SPORT 1

Winter Sport - SPORT 2

Spring Sport - SPORT 3

5.   Where is Middle School (MS) & High School (HS) selected in SportsWare?

ANSWER:  My Info page in General located on the very bottom right of the page in GROUP beneath SPORT.

6.  Why am I not able to SAVE & SUBMIT one of the CIPPE or other documents in SportsWare?

ANSWER:  One of the RED blanks in the form was not completed.  CIPPE 1-5 - often missed: page 1 - phone number (area code and number must be in separate fields) and allergies (top line is the only RED line)

7.  Which FORMS are needed for Winter or Spring sport if my child already participated in a fall or winter sport?

ANSWER:  Only the Section 7 (Recertification form).

8.  When I log out of SportsWare why is there a list of things & asks me if I want to GO BACK?

ANSWER:  Those are required SportsWare pieces of information that are missing from your account and must be completed prior to clearance for sport participation.


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