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Natatorium Rules and Regulations

The Central York Natatorium rules are designed to ensure the health and safety of patrons of all ages and abilities. While we wish that you have an enjoyable experience, for safety and security reasons we must enforce the rules. 

Pool Rules: 

  • Lifeguards have full authority at all times. Failure to comply with the pool rules will result in dismissal from pool area. 
  • Swimming is allowed ONLY when lifeguards are on duty. 
  • In the event of accidents or unbalanced water chemistry, the pool will be closed for your safety. 
  • Showers should be taken before entering the pool. All individuals must change in the locker rooms and enter and exit the pool through the locker rooms. 
  • Swimming under the bulkhead is prohibited at all times. 
  • No running anywhere in the pool area.
  • No swimming or diving up/down the ramp. The ramp is ONLY to be used for walking to enter/exit the pool. 
  • All children 12 years of age and under MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. 
  • Children who cannot stand in the shallow end and require a flotation device to swim must have a parent within an arm's reach at all times. 
  • Diving is not permitted in shallow water (under 7 feet deep).
  • No breath-holding or prolonged underwater swimming.
  • No food is permitted in the pool area or locker rooms. Drinks must be in plastic bottles. Glass containers are prohibited. 
  • Dangerous practices including sitting or standing on someone's shoulders, pushing, pulling, dunking, throwing another person, or handing on lane lines are not permitted.
  • All children who are NOT POTTY TRAINED are required to wear a swim diaper under their bathing suit. 
  • All swimmers must wear appropriate swimming attire - no undergarments allowed. 
  • Please refrain from holding conversations with the lifeguards, as they are responsible for watching the pool at all times. 

Diving Board Rules:

  • When diving boards are in use, recreational and lap swimmers are NOT permitted in front of the diving area. 
  • Only one diver is permitted on the board at a time. 
  • Dive or jump off the front of the board only. Enter the water directly in front of the board. 
  • Wait for the previous diver to swim clear and exit the area before diving. 
  • Hands MUST enter the water first in headfirst dives.