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Swimming Lessons

The Learn-to-Swim program follows American Red Cross guidelines to structure and help you and/or your child learn to swim skillfully and safely. Before enrolling for lessons, please review the guidelines found here to determine which level is suitable for your child. 

Lesson Cost

Before enrolling for lessons, please review the guidelines on the placement charts to determine which class level is suitable for your child. 

Parent-Child Lessons (Ages 6 months - 3 years): 
Cost: $40/Resident; $50/Non-Resident
An adult is required to be in the water with the participant. 

Preschool Lessons (Ages 3 - 5): 
Cost: $40/Resident; $50/Non-Resident
An adult is required to be in the water with Preschool Level I. 

Levels 1-6 School Aged Lessons (Ages 6+): 
Cost: $40/Resident; $50/Non-Resident

Stroke Development (Middle school-high school aged intermediate or beginner swimmers): 

  • 4 Lesson Session Cost: $50/Resident; $74/Non-Resident
  • 6 Lesson Session Cost: $75/Resident; $100/Non-Resident

Introduction to Water Polo:
Cost: $100/Resident; $125/Non-Resident
Participants must be at least a Level 4 or above swimmer to register.  Course will provide an overview of the basic skills, techniques, and rules of the game. 

Adaptive Lessons:

  • 4-Lesson Session Cost: $50/Resident; $75/Non-Resident
  • 6-Lesson Session Cost: $75/Resident; $100/Non-Resident

To schedule, please email

Adult Lessons

  • Cost W1: $45/Resident; $65/Non-Resident
  • Cost W2: $60/Resident; $80/Non-Resident


Catherine Lane
Aquatics Director
717-846-6789, ext. 1375

Spring Aquatics Program

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