Pizza Box Biography Project

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 The pizza biography includes three elements:


The Box Top. Here, introduce the topic of the biography by including thename of your famous Pennsylvanian. The box top is the place where you can getcreative with a fun title and slogan, lettering, illustrations/photos. Amongthe creative things you can do is highlight a few of the most important factsabout the person. (Examples: The Best Pizza in Town!, Hand-Tossed by, etc.) 

Inside the Box Top. Include a large illustration ofyour Pennsylvanian. Also include the birth date and death date (if applicable)of your person.

The Pizza. Now to the real meat of the report! This is where you writethe actual report about the famous person using the information you gathered inyour research. Each slice of pizza represents what would be a paragraph in the yourbiography reports; each slice includes at least three sentences relatedto a single topic/theme in the famous person's life.

Write theheader on the crust for each slice. Thereneeds to be 8 slices of pizza (paragraphs). If you run out of space on thepizza box, layer new slices (pages) on top of others to create a pizza slice"book."

Headers (slices): 

  • Childhood (where the person was born or grew up)
  • Education (What schools did the person attend?)
  • Adult Life (What job did he/she have?, Where did he/she live?, etc.)
  • Accomplishments #1 (What made this person famous?)
  • Accomplishments #2 (More about what made this person famous)
  • Influence (How has this person affected others?)
  • Fun Facts (List some interesting facts about your person.)
  • Bibliography (copy your citations from your Google Doc)

There needs to be 8 slices of pizza (paragraphs). If you runout of space on the pizza box, layer new slices (pages) on top of others tocreate a pizza slice "book."