Phone Notification System - Important Update

Our automated voice messaging provider has been purchased by a new company and we are in the process of transferring all of our contact information to the new system. We will be notifying all parents/guardians, faculty & staff of this change tonight via our existing system. We will be testing the new system on Sunday, October 26, with another call to all district parents, guardians, faculty and staff.

If you do not receive the call Sunday evening, or if you receive the call at more phone numbers than you prefer, please contact us Monday, October 27, to ensure we have your correct information on file.

You may call 846-6789, ext. 1299 with this information. We will need your student or students' names, schools, your name and your preferred phone number or numbers. You may also email this information to us by clicking the following link: Phone Notification System Update.

Thank you for your patience as we test our new system. We appreciate your help with ensuring we know the best way to reach you in case of a weather cancellation or emergency situation.

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