Assessment Opt-Out Procedures

Pennsylvania School System of Assessment (PSSA)
and Keystone Exams Assessment Review and Opt-Out Procedure

Section 4.4 of Title 22, Chapter 4 provides for the rights of any parent or guardian to excuse his or her child from the state assessment if, upon inspection of the testing materials, they find the assessment to be in conflict with their religious beliefs. This is the only basis for a parent or guardian to excuse his or her child from the statewide assessments.

Central York School District PSSA/Keystone Assessment Review Process

  1. Parent/Guardian contacts the Office of the Assistant Superintendent (717) 846-6789 within two weeks of the Pennsylvania Department of Education predetermined PSSA/Keystone Assessment Window to schedule an assessment review. 

  2. Parent/Guardian scheduled assessment reviews will occur at the Educational Service Center located at 775 Marion Road, York, Pa, 17406.

  3. Parent/Guardian reviews and signs Pennsylvania Department of Education Parent Confidentiality Agreement.

  4. Parent/Guardian reviews the assessment.

  5. Parent/Guardian documents religious objection within a letter to the Superintendent of Schools.

  6. Superintendent of Schools approves/disapproves Parent/Guardian request. In cases of disapproval, Assistant Superintendent contacts Parent/Guardian providing notification of the determination.

  7. All “PSSA” Superintendent approval results in not taking the assessment.

  8. All "Keystone" Superintendent approval for the Class of 2017 and beyond results in not taking the "Keystone Assessment" but rather completing the the "Keystone Project-Based Assessment." Class of 2014-2015 approvals result in not taking the assessment.