Gifted Education

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Gifted Education Department

Dr. Jennifer Leese, Director of Special Education - 717-846-6789 ext 1201

Gifted Education in Central York School District 

The Central York School District's vision is to provide appropriate educational opportunities for all learners. The district recognizes that gifted learners are a population with  educational requirements.

Their ability for academic achievement beyond their same-age peers requires specially designed programming. A gifted learner may require a differentiated pace of instruction, a differentiated depth and breadth of instruction, and/or a differentiated educational focus based upon interests or skills. We acknowledge that gifted learners require rigor, seek challenge, prefer choice, and enjoy open-ended activities.

We also realize that the level of success that our gifted learners attain is linked to the relationships forged between the learners' parents and school district personnel. 

The Central York School District is committed to providing a school environment that fosters achievement and the realization of each learner's potential. 

If you believe your child may be in need of gifted education you may request through your building's administrator that your child be screened or evaluated for gifted education.




Gifted Support Staff

Ms. Sherrie Crider  is currently assigned to the gifted learners at the Middle School and High School.

Mrs. Kari Milleris currently to the gifted learners in grade K-3 (Hayshire, Roundtown and Stony Brook).

Mrs. Dianna Guise is currently assigned to the gifted learners High School.

Mrs. Kris Gartrell is currently assigned to the gifted learners in grades 4 through 6 (Sinking Springs and North Hills).