The Diversity Education Committee


The Diversity Education Committee

The Central York School District launched a Diversity Awareness and Education Program 15 years ago. A Diversity Education Committee, comprised of parents, students, faculty and staff, administrators, Board members and community members, established the following areas of focus for the Diversity Awareness and Education Program.

The mission of the Diversity Education Committee is to eliminate the achievement gap through curriculum, staff development, co-curricular activities, home & community connections and minority recruitment.

The Diversity Education Committee meets regularly each school year. The following meeting are planned for Fall of 2020. All will be virtual:

Tuesday, October 13th - 5:30-6:30 PM 

Tuesday, November 10th- 5:30-6:30 PM

Tuesday, December 8th - 5:30-6:30 PM

To learn more about the committee, please contact Mr. Robert Grove, Assistant Superintendent, at or by calling 717-846-6789, ext. 1210.

Curriculum Adoption/Pilot Information 

We are aware that there are many different perspectives being shared on social media related to both our proposed curriculum adoption and the Diversity Education Committee work, and wanted to take an opportunity to ensure our families and community members heard the facts directly from the school district.

Like all public school districts in the state of Pennsylvania, Central York School District is charged with providing our students in grades K-12 with a curriculum that meets state standards and prepares them for what they should know and be able to do at a specified grade level.

These academic standards must encompass state standards and the following content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Environment and Ecology, Social Studies, Arts and Humanities, Career Education and Work, Health, Safety and Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Science.

Confusion on Current Curriculum Adoption 

At different times during an August 2020 public School Board Planning Meeting, discussion centered on conversations and work occurring at the Summer 2020 Diversity Committee meetings. 

The Diversity Education Committee has existed for 15 years and has - just recently - met throughout the summer months to prepare for the return of learners following the March 2020 COVID-19 closure. The committee held meetings beginning June 30 to discuss the following areas: Relationship Building, Equity, Professional Development, Curriculum, and Family Outreach.

Each of these subcommittees has different goals designed to help ensure the District is creating an environment that is culturally competent and responsive to the diverse students and families who comprise our population.

Please be aware of the following facts regarding this work:

  • The curriculum writing that took place this summer completed its work on June 25 and has nothing to do with the Diversity Education Subcommittee Meetings that were held during the summer months.

    The Diversity committee began meeting on June 30, well past the date the curriculum was written and completed.

  • The District is not asking the School Board to adopt the Black Lives Matter curriculum, a Marxist curriculum or anything other than a curriculum based upon state standards. Click here to view the tabled pilot Social Studies curriculum.

  • During the summer months, the Diversity Committee created and referenced a  supplemental list of resources (as it has done over the years) in an attempt to increase the resources available to our schools on a variety of topics and areas. 

Central York School District prides itself on our diverse community and strives to be a safe and accepting environment for ALL students, families and community members.

The curriculum we are presenting and the work of the Diversity Education Committee are designed to enhance the education experience for ALL learners, but they are two separate issues that have been confused by news media accounts and social media conversation. Click here to view the tabled pilot Social Studies Curriculum.

We encourage our families and community members to continue to take an interested and active role in the Central York School District and to be a part of continued collaborative conversations on these topics and others that may arise.

The supplemental resource list that has been referenced multiple times throughout public meetings is included, below. It is a document of the Diversity Education Committee and intended for Diversity Education Committee use - not a curriculum addition or requirement. 

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