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Central York School District’s Board of School Directors will return to meeting in person at the Educational Service Center for the public Planning Meeting on Monday, August 10, 2020. The meeting will begin at 6:30PM and will be live streamed so that anyone interested in attending the meeting may watch via a link (to be provided).

How To Attend:
Because of the current limits on public gatherings, in-person attendance at these meetings will be limited to School Board members and some administrators. Members of the public interested in attending the meeting may do so by viewing the live stream.

How To Comment:
Anyone interested in commenting during the live streamed meetings should submit comments to the Board Secretary, who will read them publicly during the Citizen Comment section of each meeting. There are two public Citizen Comments times provided during each School Board meeting. 

Comments may be submitted to be read during the first public comment section of the meeting, which occurs shortly after the meeting begins. For those wishing to comment during the second opportunity, please submit them during the meeting and prior to that item on the agenda. 

All comments should be submitted directly to the Board Secretary, via email, at Please include a full name with each comment.

The link to view the School Board meeting live will be posted on this homepage and the following places in advance of each meeting:



Links will also be emailed to all families via Skwyard and emailed to all Central York School District staff in advance of each  meeting.

Agendas and minutes are accessible via the "Agendas and Minutes" link on the left of this page. 

Welcome to the Board of School Directors Website

Welcome to the School Board section of the District website. We hope you will find the information here and throughout the District Website helpful and useful.

School Directors are elected officials who serve without pay as the governing body of a School District. The School Board enacts policy and provides guidance to the Administration in the management of the School District.

The School Board typically meets on the second and third Mondays of each month at 7:15PM at the Educational Service Center, 775 Marion Road, York. The first meeting of the month is a Planning Meeting, during which School Board members discuss issues and set the agenda for the Regular Meeting. The second meeting, called the Regular Meeting, is typically the meeting during which issues are voted upon. We welcome and encourage all of our District residents to attend our meetings.

Each meeting provides an opportunity for citizen input or comment either on a specific agenda item or on a general topic related to District operations or educational programs. Meeting agendas are available online under the "Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes" section of this website and made available to residents who attend the meetings.

The mission of the Central York School District is to provide educational opportunities through which ALL learners strive to achieve their full potential. The nine members of the Board of School Directors are committed to this mission, and likewise committed to serving as stewards of the funds we receive from state and local taxes.

Please take a moment to explore the links to the left. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the School Board.


Central York School District Board of School Directors